Best URL Shortener for Youtube

Best URL Shortener min Best URL Shortener for Youtube

Url shortening is the technique on the field of the worldwide web. Url stands for uniform resource locator. In this process, the URL may be made considerably shorter and still direct to the needed page.

Here, I am going to discuss 15 URL shortening tools to use. So, keep scrolling.

1 Bitly

bitly min Best URL Shortener for Youtube

Bitly is one of the most renowned tools on the internet for URL shortening. Links can affect customer experience. The service helps both to create shorter links and to optimize the brand of the company. In the case of shortening the links in social media and mobile apps, Bitly will be the best choice to make sure the links being utilized make a positive impact on customers. 


  • The main feature is to shorten and brand the links you provide or share. 
  • It has a great capability to gather audience intelligence. 
  • It accumulates insights into your performance. 
  • It can measure the campaign performance in one location 
  • It enhances your marketing efforts. 
  • Bitly is such a kind of service that has been recognized by major companies like McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and GE. 
  • A free account can be created by logging in to any social media account such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook 

Price: $29/month

2 Clickmeter

clickmeter min Best URL Shortener for Youtube

Clickmeter is another kind of useful URL shortener. It helps you to track and optimize all your data in a single place. It enhances profit-boosting.

Features :

  • It offers you to monitor, compare and enhance all types of marketing links in a particular place to intensify the conversation rate.
  • It helps to observe the broken links, latency, blacklists. 

Price: $29/month – $349/month

3. TinyURL

tinyurl min Best URL Shortener for Youtube

It is another spectacular great tool for URL shortening. It can access your browser easily to make link development comfortable. It would be chosen as the perfect tool to shorten the link. It proffers the chance to customize the last few characters in the link.

Features :

  •  Label analytics 
  • Perfect label management 
  • Collaboration 
  • Link management 
  • Robust campaign management 
  • Systemic  Traffic routing 
  • Retargate the links 



owly min Best URL Shortener for Youtube

If you want to build a connection to Hootsuite then would be the best choice. You can measure the performance data of links by this URL. To do this, you just have to create an account in Hootsuite and this enables the tools to be more secure. 

Features :

  • It provides a custom branded URL shortening 
  • It can access detailed analytics 
  • The Custom URL parameters allow you to track campaigns via google.

Price:$19/month for 10 profile(single user) ,$499/month for 50 profile (5-10 users)

isgd min Best URL Shortener for Youtube

This is one of the fastest and growing tools to shorten in the market nowadays. Many smartphones can access them. This helps users to make the straight move from a business card or magazine articles in print.


  • It can make a QR code to add in advertisements. 
  • Link statistics can be checked easily and automatically by previewing the page.
  • You can customize the links as well at the very end to make them distinctive.

Price: Free to use

buffer min Best URL Shortener for Youtube

It is a product of  Buffer which is a very well-known social media handle. So it is clear this social media is being benefited by this tool. It is a perfect tool for shortening social media links.


  • Social media links can be shortened
  • A free account will permit you to plan and post links on social media handled accounts such as LinkedIn, google+, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Pinterest posts are considered as paid work.

Price:$15/month-$399/month, It depends on the frequency of looking at social media

7:Add. Ly

It is unique from any other tool for its features. It allows safe advertising with no notifications.

Features :

  • It is free to use.
  • You can access the data of how the links are performed by pasting the links on social media accounts.
  • You can make money by using this.

Price: Free to use

This online URL shortener is quite easy to use. You can access it by sign up on the homepage. This tool provides you a personal domain that relates to your own business.


  • You can access the performance and details of data like who is accessing which part of the world.
  • Your brand can be propped up a provides a custom domain.
  • The links will never expire.

Price: Free to use 


It is one of the most affordable tools for URL shortening. It is branded the links for management. It explores a lot of advanced key features.

Features :

  • It provides some features like link-going access to URLs.
  • It offers a printable QR code.



For social media links, it is a wise choice for users. It allows a company’s brand to obtain custom short links. It is even in the public domain to drive click rates over 30%.


  • This tool offers a user to generate custom short links that go along with the company’s brand.
  • it also offers the editing of existing links.
  • There is a free sign-up system to provide you with 1000 short links. 

Price : $29/month $499/month


It is regulated by a website named StumbleUpon. This site suggests posts to its users.


  • The service offers you posting on two particular social media handles such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Short links can be made easily.
  • It gives you access to your details of data.


 It is self-hosting. It provides better branding and the trust of customers.


  • It provides a demo page to shorten links.
  • It is a self-hosting service.
  • You can obtain analytical data about the details of your link.

Price :$35/month

13 Linkly

It is another good choice for  URL shortening. It’s the most uncomplicated to operate.


  • It proffers the features like tracking the number of clicks.
  • It helps to use your domain to obtain a custom URL shortener, pulling data into Google sheet type applications.
  • It makes it possible to reorient and analyze 20 clickers per month.

Price: free + $29/month

 It is user-friendly. It provides a link management platform with branded URLs.

Features :

  • It offers to create a QR code for each link.
  • It provides a sortable list of shortened URLs. 
  • It is fully protected and secured.

Price: Free to use.


It is a compact well-featured URL shortener service. It is well featured for navigation.


  • It can track the traffic coming from the link including statistics, device location,
  • You can drop down into clicks by the time.
  • It offers you four tiers of paid premium plans to provide small business, start-up, teams, and enterprise.
  • You can make 1000 active links by holding a free account.

Price :$12/month


Features BitlyClickmeterTinyURL OwlyIs.gdBuff.lyAd.lyBit. doT2.mioRedbrandlySu.prPo.lrLinklyCut.lyBL. LINK
Custom domain YesYes YesYesNoYesNoNoYes YesNoNoYes
Pixel tracking NoYesNoNoYes NoNoNo NoNoNoNoNoNo
AB testing NoYes No NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNoNo


In the end, I want to conclude by informing you that URL shortening is a very important technique in the field of the worldwide web. So those who are willing to this, it should be noted that among a variety of tools available in the market you must choose your URL shortening tool wisely as it questions in such sensitive domains such as customer domain, customer security, etc.